Information on the 2022 show will be posted at a later date.

Chiangus Classic Rules & Regulations –

  1. All animals must be nominated by the breeder or first owner (in the case of embryo transfer calves) and nominations are good only in the year nominated (i.e. all animals must be nominated each year shown)
  2. The Chiangus Classic will follow the ACA show requirements
  3. All Chiangus entries must be a minimum of 6.25% Chianina to be eligible
  4. The Chiangus Classic is open to all active junior and adult members
  5. A three person judging panel shall be used with two judges and one designated referee judge for each class on a rotating basis. The three judges shall not confer on placing until after score cards are turned in to officials for each class. Placing of each judge shall be placed on a display board and the final class placing calculated and displayed with the referee judge’s placing only used to place individual animals when the two judges for that class are not in agreement on the placing of that animal.
  6. Age Requirements:
    1. Females calved Sept. 1, 2019 and after
    2. Bulls calved Jan. 1, 2019 and after
  7. Ownership deadline is May 15, 2021
  8. Animals must be nominated by June 1; No late nominations will be accepted
  9. Animals must be entered by June 20, 2021, before official check in is finished. (must fill out separate entry form)
  10. All Chiangus Classic heifer payout will be based on 100% of the total amount of HEIFER nomination fees, non-specific donations and entry fees collected.
  11. 20% of the total HEIFER monies collected is reserved for administration cost.
  12. The Top Five Overall Heifer EXHIBITORS will receive the following payout:
    1. Grand Heifer – 40% of the total heifer monies collected
    2. Reserve Grand Heifer – 20% of the total heifer monies collected
    3. Third Overall – 10% of the total heifer monies collected
    4. Fourth Overall – 5% of the total heifer monies collected
    5. Fifth Overall – 5% of the total heifer monies collected
  13. The Chiangus Classic Committee reserves the right to collect DNA on any animal shown.
  14. All official protest of an animal’s legitimacy must be filed within 30 minutes of the completion of the last class shown. All protests must be in writing and signed by the complaintive. All protests must be accompanied by a $1,000 cash or check deposit.The Chiangus Classic committee’s decision on a protest shall be the final judgement with no further action taken by the complaintive or defendant on said protest. All information regarding the protest will be passed on to the ACA Board of Directors for appropriate action if ACA Rules of Registration have been violated. If the protest is upheld, the Complaintive will be refunded their deposit money. The defendant will be responsible for all associated costs with the protest.
  15. There must be a minimum of 5 bull nominations to proceed with a bull show. Nominations and entry fee money will be refunded if less than 5 bulls are nominated. Bull payout shall be 50% for Grand Champion and 30% for Reserve Grand Champion of the total bull nomination fees, specific bull donations and bull entry fees.
  16. 20% of total bull monies collected is reserved for administration cost.

Grand Champion Female – 2020 Chiangus Classic

LLW CARD Caroline 236G
Dam: LLW CARD Erroline 36Z • Sire: Colburn Primo 5153
Exhibited by Kylee Myers, Wyoming, IL • Bred by Lucas Wisnefski, Wyoming, IL

Grand Champion Bull – 2020 Chiangus Classic

GOP Fair Play 809F
Dam: TR Your Magic Lace PCA • Sire: Colburn Primo 5153
Exhibited by Grand ‘Ole Place Farms, Nicholasville, KY • Bred by Laurel Culp, Nicholasville, KY